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Reseña: Lalibela's wise man de Matshona Dhliwayo

Título: Lalibela's wise man

Autor: Matshona Dhliwayo

Páginas: 113

Editorial: Wisdom Inc.


 After his father passes away, Christian is denied his inheritance, disowned by his brothers, and thrown out of the family mansion. Life takes a terrible turn until he embarks on a life changing trip to Ethiopia to meet Lalibela’s wisest man

Opinión personal:

This book is PERFECT. 
Its really beautiful, makes me cry and think. 
If you are reading this review and you don't read the book, RUN AND READ IT, because its a book that its going to chance your life.

The story its about a men how has lose his father and all his heredity. His father makes him go to Ethiopia, and in this place he is going to have a trip in his soul, where he his going to affront differents situacions that are going to make him think about the things that really are important in this life



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