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Reseña: Broken Shadows de Tarek Refaat

Titulo: Broken Shadows

Autor: Tarek Refaat

Páginas: 116


Editorial: Red Sands Publishing

 Broken hearts and dark shadows, will love ever find its way back to them? 
 Fifteen years ago, Heidi Aasar fled the country, hoping to make sense of the chaos that surrounded her. A burned ex-operative, she refuses to continue hiding in the shadows. She now has the chance to right the wrongs of her dark past. Determined to find a way to redeem herself, she must first fix the loose threads she left behind so long ago. 
 A successful business owner, Nadim Mohamed Sharaf has done his best to move on after his heart was broken fifteen years ago. In his mind, he has everything he could ever want or need at his fingertips. Until the moment Heidi makes a sudden reappearance in his life. It’s then everything around him changes. 
 A chain reaction of events soon turns Nadim and Heidi’s lives upside-down. Forced to confront the turmoil brewing between them, they must put aside their differences if they are to survive another day. The choices they’ll have to make will define the outcome of the lives they lead. 
 Will they be able to overcome their painful and chaotic past? Or will the pain and heartache consume them in the long run?

Opinión personal:

First off all THANKS to Tarek to send me his book to a honest review 
I started the book and read it in one night. 
The history is extremely catching and I can't stop reading it. 
Its short but with a good argument. 
Definitly I recommended this book to the ones who like storys of spies.
Its a history that have rommance, action, drama and adventure. 
The only problem that I have was that I don't connect with the main character, but I was able to enjoy the same story.

I recommended this book



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